Secret : Girls who look very cool ,calm from outside are equally anxious from inside!

  1. Start with any non sense question about anything. For example
    • Nice shoes. Where did you bought them ?
    • This bracelet looks unique. How much?
    • Look there is some thing on your face (Make sure there is no mirror near by!).
    • Nice mobile cover and thousand many which you can think on the spot.

These are called ice breaker questions. Girls are too used to of pick up lines and lofty compliments. This looks more natural, direct and less intimidating.You can always find something interesting in girls accessories or clothing or whatever, so no need to think of a repeated pick up line!

  • Next stage : Thus you started well and now she answered. What next ? Next step is to connect. Suppose she says that she bought it from ‘Fashion street’, bring that into conversation. Ohh.. that fashion street where dog food is sold ? She will say no, laugh and you also laugh…
  • Always connect with a laughter.Next stage is emotional. Now ask some emotional question like, Your choice is quite sensitive, do you like melodramas etc. or what ever.
  • Avoid bio data questions like name,work,place etc. unless she introduces herself.
  • Do not try to guide the conversation towards date, getting number etc. When you are parting , just ask her ‘ We ware having a great discussion. I have to leave for a party (or whatever). Where can we continue this chat?

Remember to leave the conversation at some interesting juncture. Get the number and leave.