Only common trait all of them had was ‘Honesty’.

  • Honest : All of them were damn honest with me. Never cheated me in any sense.

Other traits are listed below.

  • Open Minded : After honesty, they all were very open minded and had heart of gold. No shitty tantrums, no gossip, very clear in their purpose of life and relationship.
  • Soft spoken :They all were very very well behaved persons. Soft skills is my real weakness. If you can talk really well with me, I am yours. No need of beauty and glamour!. Any emotional person has soft skills as his primary weakness. Words kill, beauty only thrills!
  • Patience : All of them were very patient with me. I am quite moody and irrational at times. They always supported my uneven mood swings.
  • Understanding : They were highly understanding and accommodating for my ‘romantic’ nature!. Once I was flirting with my girl friend’s best friend, in front of her only! . She said, ‘Should I leave you two love birds alone!’. I said ‘oops!’. We all three were laughing.They know that I always have micro crushes but they are just momentary.
  • Unconditional love : They all loved unconditionally. Never imposed their decisions on me. I always felt free.They loved me more than I loved them, and that’s the best part.