Girls are inbound.

They recreate events in their mind. Re read your letters, messages, chats and whatever. They always ruminate. Men are more practical of the sorts.But it doesn’t mean that men are not good lovers. But yes you need to keep them hooked else they drift away.

Since it is a lot easier for girls to get a boyfriend, it is easier for men to believe that their girls might be cheating (Which may not be the case). Hence men very often are drifted away from neglecting girls. Girl take a long time to fall in love and since they ruminate feelings and thoughts, they usually stay longer. Girls think that they ‘love you’ and it’s enough. For boys it’s never enough.

Girls are ’emotional’ but boys are ‘vulnerable’. You need to keep your man like you keep your ‘make up’.

Speaking in biological sense, a man can get physical with any girl, with out any emotional attachment. For girls (Good girls), physical intimacy requires emotional attachment.Men ‘make love’, while women only ‘love’. Research has proven that women get orgasm best with those whom they really love.

A kiss or gentle touch can give them total orgasm if they really love!

via Why is it far easier for gals to sustain long distance relationships than guys? Is it because gals prefer emotional attachment to physical intimacy?