Love does not happen in a second nor it disconnects in a jiffy.

  • If you partner was looking for someone else while you were neglecting or too busy, then it might happen. The greatest cause of silent breakups is ‘neglect’ or ‘deliberate ghosting’. Some times we do that to check our love or also to inflict some pain in other partner, which ends in more love bonds some times.But if your partner is vulnerable due to your neglect or ghosting, and some one solaces them via soft words and needed validation, then they kinda steal them!.
  • If this was the case then yes, love can be over also in moments. But those moments have a time line. No one is entitled for any thing and no one is irreplaceable.

Love is like a sapling. You need to nourish it in the beginning more often. But also when it becomes a strong tree (As in your case), it doe need replenishment from time to time.Thus handle with care.

via Is it possible for someone to fall in love with someone just a few months after a breakup from a deep 4 yr relationship? Is it love?