1. The more you try to make a woman stick, faster she runs away.
  2. The more you spy her, follow her, nag her, complain about her non availability, become desperate etc, faster she runs.
  3. Most women despise over romantic and over possessive lovers. Be moderate and give compliment sa sif she earned them and not without want or need..
  4. Don’t worship your lady. She is your lover and equal and not your destiny, motivation to work hard and prime goal in life for whom you shall do everything.
  5. Women love to spy their lovers, they feel you will cheat, they test you for love, they nag of non availability etc. While most men start doing these lady like gestures which pisses them off.
  6. Be a man to a lady and not another female friend. Be emotionally independent and stoic. Be like a rock in the sea and not a wave. be real sometimes and not always bootlicking insect. Women love anger, aggression and masculinity. Show it sometimes.

Secrets to a modern woman’s heart