No and yes; Both.

  • If you continue to think like that, you will remain the same. Let me tell you a story. I was very shy till class VII. I was not able to talk to any of the girls around.I had no great friends let alone girl friends (Luckily I always had a best friend). What changed me ? My will to learn. I just learnt human psychology, articles about behavioral science,books by some great authors. I am before you.
  • Yes I was successful with girls later in my life. In college and later . But it was not only that I know how to behave with them at times but also that I was a good human being. They could sense it.Thus the most important characteristic is you depth of character and good ness. All those tricks and tips are just a guide line.If you are not good at heart, you will never get a very good girl. You will only get party girls.
  • One good relationship can make or break your life.You will succeed. Its not your or my fault but some rules are there for every game. You have to learn them.

Seeker gets the truth.

PS : All great players (Sports), great scientists, celebrities failed in the beginning. Their learning brought them success. Only moderate are successful naturally, all great success is just learned.

via If you’re unsuccessful with girls as a teenager, will you be that way forever?