Friend love is emotion. Emotion has no logic. My suggestions.

  • Stop convincing her. You can’t convince any one to love you.
  • Don’t try to convince her over SMS.. Try to be physically present.
  • Work out and change your self physically. She will not accept you for what you are but what you can become for her. It will give you 70% more chance. When you change your looks , the other person start to treat as a new person.
  • Learn some thing which she truly likes. This will show your love towards her. No need to convince.

  • Change ‘himmat’ to ‘mohabbat’ i.e. love. You don’t tell about love, you show it.
  • Don’t plea. Ask her friends to arrange a meeting with her. Try to be friends first, then lovers. If you could show her that you really care for what she thinks or wants, you will get her.

Love is in the moments.

Examples :

  1. Try to find out things about her which no one knows. Let her know subtly about those things.Suppose her favorite author is Shakespeare, SMS her a favorite quote from it.
  2. Do some thing personalized which conveys your love non verbally. It is very easy to say ‘I love you’ , but to find a good quote from her favorite play requires effort. You know effort shows love.
  3. Send her a link to this question. This is also an effort from your part. The best part, you are not anonymous. It also proves that you only love her and no one else.

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