Because 90% of world is still good.

  • My friend world is still a nice place. People are still very good at heart. When you get really close to people, you see the real warmth. Yes some of them are mean and also they have their guards thickened .

Think of any one,crooked and mean. Still they had their best friends,they love their family or someone. Hence they are selectively mean!

  • We all are selfish. Its in out genes. But we are also very helping and good at heart and its also in our genes. Then what is the problem ? The problem is our evolutionary brain.Our EB decides in some time how to treat any one.Its preprogrammed in us. Have you ever wondered why we fall in love with a particular person and not with every body else (Leave attraction). because we are destined and programmed to fall for a particular personality!
  • If you seek good people, you will get plenty of them and same with bad people. We attract what we want.

via Why should I be good, if others cheat, manipulate, deceive and steal?