You can read them literally by their reaction to your words.

  • They are extra attentive to what you say or just unable to focus on their job.
  • They have performance pressure in front of you.They just can’t do mundane task in front of you.
  • They will know you whats app status for sure.They will some times reply to your status with their own status.
  • They will be extra sensitive to any girls in your vicinity or even if you name a few, they will not like that.
  • They will always be at their ‘best looking’ face in front of you.
  • They will be suggestive in their talks or gestures.
  • Some times they will propose directly if they are very sure of your love.
  • It will be hard for them to say no to you even for some unreasonable task.
  • They will tease you as coward if they sense that you love but are not ready to propose.They will do it subtly.
  • If you are going to propose and then suddenly change topic, they will give you a ‘weird’ look and then stop paying attention to your following lines.
  • Their best friends will know every thing about you.

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