Follow your instinct or gut feeling.

Mind is logical and heart is emotional but instinct or sixth sense is magical. You instinct is developed in you since ages.Its inbuilt in your genes. The most feeble voice which some times says to you like ‘Don’t go out, it might rain ‘ and then your mind shuts that voice and presents logic about weather forecast or your heart says ‘but she called right ?’.

Always follow your instinct when in doubt. We all have it. To recognize it, just think of those voices which are feeble but sans logic or emotion.

Let me give you on more example. You are going some where and in between a task your mind asks ‘What’s the time ?’. A feeble voice says 1:10 PM. You look at your watch. Bang! 1:10 PM exact. It all happens with us and we discard it as luck or what ever!

via What should I do when mind says move on and heart says hold on?