If you ask me, then never.

  • I leave any one only after thorough check up and umpteen chances given.
  • I have left some people in my life and never ever returned to them. But the only reason was lack of integrity on their part. Every thing else, cunning, anger, cleverness or bad behavior or whatever can be tolerated but never lack of integrity of dishonesty. Yes I have left a few girls also whom I found cheating or lacking credibility. Thankfully none was my girl friend but some of them were my good friend or they may be taking me as their love interest. Since I invest a lot to any relationship, my test are long,tedious and difficult. But once you are through, ask me my life and I will not think twice!
  • I am open , very open always but trust once lost is very very difficult to rebuild. Usually I never take any one back. My rules are quite strict.
  • In general sense of dumping, no, dumpers are narcissists and they never think about you. They use and throw. They never allow you to enter their heart and hence they never think about you. Seducers are too cold for feelings. I have known several friends of mine since my college days , having 22 girl friends at a stretch. They just ‘fuck and forget’. No fucking guilt!

via Do dumpers ever try to reconnect with someone they dumped? Do men ever wonder about that girl who they treated badly?