Nothing great. I and many of my colleagues are in that range or even above. I can’t disclose more about numbers due to vigilant tax authorities and legal complications.

Okay how it feels.

  • You stop worrirying about even 1000/- to be spent on some thing.
  • Your most of the monetary needs are taken care of. You live a nice life style, go to places, wear exuberant clothes, have latest gadgets, never worry about your EMI’s and maintaining bank balance etc.
  • You have a great peace of mind.You can take a month off if you really like.
  • But the real question ? Does it change you internally ? No. You are the same small town guy. Same odd dreams. The ice cream taste the same. The butter is not extra smooth. What really changes ? If you really disclose your financial position to outsiders or even some ignorant insiders (I always avoid money talk), their attitude changes! Your worth suddenly touches roof top!. I hate that. I want people to value me and not my earning power. I want my talent to be primary and not how I use it to earn moolah.
  • Some stats : In India there are about 2 million persons earning 10 LPA or more.This makes this income in the bracket of top 0.15%. Thus it does matter as far as stats are concerned.
  • How to reach there ? To reach here or any where more higher, you need expertise in any one field exclusively. i am a mathematician, an IIT JEE faculty. But according to many websites, I am ranked no. 1 or some times no. 2 in whole Mumbai. Mumbai has about 7104 tutors.I love my subject and that is my only reason to be at top. Even if you are a pot maker but the best one, no one can stop you to reach at top. You must enjoy doing your work so much that your efforts need not be bounded by time and money.
  • Listen here : Focus on your job.Rest will follow.

  • Remember one more thing.The real secret of success.Help others to get successful.Help them truly and with out expectation. You will be amazed how little help of you return to you ten fold! Rich people want to you to be rich!!

If you just go on working hard and never worrying about your progress and sweat, no one can stop you.

via What does it feel like to 1lakh rupees per month? What do you feel and how do you live? And how you reached this stage?