Yes behind every successful man , there is a woman. But behind every unsuccessful man there are two!

I was not able to be with my only cherished girl friend.Yes she was my inspiration but with out her also I found my way.I found inspiration from philosophy.

Yes love is greatest motivation you can have, but its not necessary to be a girl.I believe in the moto ‘Focus on your job, every thing else follows’.

Musical answer… (A bit funny)

Let me give you one more analogy. A woman want’s a man who has a passion and not a man whose only passion is she.Have a goal in life. Achieve some thing bigger and don’t worry about girl friend. She may come she may not.

Yes there is a distinction. If you get someone who is really understanding, not materialistic, is bold enough to stand by you through thick and thin, i.e. you get your soulmate, then you can get huge success with her. But for a girl friend only, I don’t think it is at all necessary.