Ha ha … no bro it’s not like that.

  1. Confessing your love is not a bad thing. The problem is confessing to wrong people and to right people at wrong time. Confession is an art. You need to master it.
    1. Time of confession. Don’t confess out of blue. Many guys have no contact with the girl for weeks. Then out of blue suddenly they realize that they love this girl. They shoot ‘I love you’ straight of no where! Girls are detail oriented. They get into love zone before they start to love you. Remember you put shaving cream before you shave.
      1. Build the moment, the chemistry, tease them with some tester remarks.
      2. Do some offhand indirect proposing.
      3. Don’t rehearse. Just wait for the moment to arrive and say it.
      4. Never be in two minds while asking a girl out.
      5. Do not show underconfidence. Assume a yes and you increase your chances by 50%.
      6. Fake it if you don’t have confidence. Assume by faking that it would be an yes.
    2. Never confess on text if you are not living too far from her and can’t meet her everyday. You don’t know how they reacted, you have no chance to curate your reactions. You don’t know their real mood at the time. Always ask out in person. You can build the moment. You can curate responses. You can control a lot many factors. Also asking out in person shows confidence, the most potent aphrodisiac for women.
  2. When your social market value is less than the girl and you are confessing without proper signs and green signals. Yes you are putting your self esteem and self worth to her mercy. Test them. Tease them. Check their reactions. After your ask out and they say no, it’s never gonna same again. You will also lose a friend, however hard they say that they love you (friendzone you) as a friend. Their in no greater insult for a man than a friend zone. You must be prepared to cut all contacts with her. Let me tell you a secret. I have seen more women than you can imagine. They all are same. Most of them are nice at heart. Most of them play mind games. Most of them are sexy as of today. Most of them are moody and emotional, shall show tantrums and take your mental peace if you put them in pedestal. They all are same. It’s just your Halo effect that you are stuck with one girl. Oneitis occurs only when you have lack of quality options.
  3. Secret no 3. Even though things are changing lately and many girls have become choosy. They do not always take what comes in their way to choose from available options. They are also venturing into men and selecting (getting) the best for them. Now girls too ask out if guy is shy or geeky or socially inept. Again who never ask out make conducive environment for men to let them ask out. Now the scarity problem for girls is over. Every second girl maintains herself. Looks good (thanks to multi billion dollar beauty industry) and competition among them is fierce. Only 6% of men are Alpha males and hence stakes are higher on all sides. Thus if girl in not asking out or not even making conducive environment to let you ask out, she’s not worth pursuing. Focus on someone else, somewhere else.
  4. Do safe confession. Tell her you like her. If she is affirmative, proceed, else you can like people as a friend,as a colleague,as a wonderful person! It’s easy to move directly from like to love than direct love.
  5. Last secret. I have seen countless girls regretting about not proposing or not reciprocating in a correct manner to men who were interested in them. Usually for men who never return.