Few points

  • Age is just a number.Your biological age has nothing to do with your chronological age. With advances in medical science and understanding about our physiology, it becomes much easier to forget your age.I have seen 6 packs for 60 year old. Thus 30 is new 20, 40 is new 30 and sixty is new 40.But for that you have to exercise,take good care of your health and eat healthy.
  • Assuming you are already taking care of your self very well, come’s the second point. My friend knowledge is power.Not only women but every body like a person with insight. Read some good books about human psychology (Very important) and working of mind. Don’t read those conventional text book but some books by Authors like Malcolm Gladwell, Robert Cialdini, Dale Carnegie, Osho and likes. My point is prepare your self for your well being and not for women. Enhance your life and you will see the magic happening.
  • Don’t rush to women.They are not that great as they seem.They may be sexy and exotic but taking that sexual lens off your eyes you will find that they are just like spoilt brats.They are overpowered by excessive attention and following. Be natural and normal with them and they will love you.
  • You must start online dating . This will give you confidence.Also start to chat with as many women you find.You will be amazed that how many of them are willing to talk to you!. They are also humans and need interaction. To start with, just don’t go to every women with an romantic outlook. Just try to be genuine friend and no expectations. Sooner you will find your own ways to deal with them. Only thing that you need to start today.Go and talk to any two women randomly. Keep a journal about what you said and what was the response and everything else.
  • Nothing improves us better than an written record.

If you can’t measure it you can’t improve it. Lord Kelvin

via I really find it difficult to talk to women. I am 35, living alone and never been in a relationships. What should I do?