Females by nature are conversationalist just opposite of guys. Guys are minimalist. Instead of discussing about you break up or fight last night with your Mom, they will love to watch foot ball!

  • To make women as your true friends , you must be a very good and attentive listener (Unlike men, who are often fake attentive listener!).
  • You must know about romantic music, novels and these crappy (Sorry) musical concerts.(I don’t oppose these concerts, but at times the euphoria is too bad to handle. I can go with my friend (Girl but not boy) to these concerts for support and general courtesy but rarely due to willingness. If I like some one , then her presence is all I need and I don’t care she meets me on hell or musical concert or even at a panipuri stall).
  • Girls are fond of fashion and shopping. You must have the patience to be with them when they select 1001 dresses and then choose none and ask you , what’s your opinion and after taking your opinion just do the opposite!
  • They love to chat a lot (Not all but almost all). May be telephone calls, FB,  WA and insta and snap and …..list continues.
  • To make girls your friend, the easiest topic is to comment on their clothes and fashion sense, the make up or their ever fatty figure!

They will love you for that.