Doesn’t believes in love. No one can believe in love.You fall in love.

  • Love cannot be stopped. If she has to fall then she has to fall. Her logic cannot stand. Love always is beyond logic. It occupies your mind 24 hours, What could be the logic for that ?

There is always a magical moment, some gesture, some special action, which cannot be defined. It happens and cannot be stopped. Just wait dude.

  • If it has to happen it will happen. You can’t make it happen nor I or even Rahul Gandhi!. Allow it to settle down.

Point number two : Never believe what a girl says!. At times they just say for the sake of saying. Deep down she may be ready but she might be saying this as she is habituated for that!. Women experience a range of emotions during a day. Hence in some other moment unknown to you, she may love you as well but due to some imaginative logic or may be some false rumor or some gesture of your misunderstood, she might hold her self!

  • Be a bit patient and see what happens. Also women speak only half truth. Liking is in 90% cases = Loving!
  • They are vague, indirect and puzzling!. You know the android game “Duet” (I still figuring out how to surpass level two!). ‘Some one’ told me to play that game some time back and dude, as the game says ‘you need a circular state of mind‘…god damn, the game is so intriguing, circular need a 11 dimensional alien state of mind. I am a mathematician but such a game is just too difficult for me.I play other games like 2048, suduku, sokoban, pretty well…but circular state of mind is just making me experience all multidimensional universe in one sitting.Same with girls. They have a very highly developed sixth sense, a circular state of mind and deeper understanding of your gestures and hidden meanings of your words.All in all wait for some time , give her some time and let her decide. Meanwhile you can try ‘duet’ (Duet – Android Apps on Google Play ) and till you cross level 10, you will get your answer.
  • PS : An old Chinese proverb says ‘ If you want a woman, just love her and never try to understand her.If you want a man, try to understand him more than you love.’
  • PS 2 : Love must have been a women in its past incarnation.
  • PS 3 : I am still in love with that circular state of mind.

via A girl says that she likes me but she doesn’t believe in love? What should I do?