Grace period!

Love is not a switch, which can be turned on and off , as and when required.

Try quitting a true love and in one month you will realize that mind is not what you think.

Our mind behaves differently in different scenarios. When you find a true love, at times you take it for granted. Your mind starts to undervalue something which was very difficult for you to get, if the circumstances were not right!

As soon as you start to quit, it feels good in the beginning, but again the same reasons for which you fell in love start to reappear. If the other person moves easily, then you are in deep trouble.

The only way to successfully end/nurture any relationship is to confess, try your best and leave (If it doesn’t work). If you played your part honestly, tried every possible way, you can easily put your mind to rest. Thus take time, tell him about your priorities and try your best, so that mind realizes that , OK I played my part well and now lets go. In this way breakup will be very easy for you.

Scientifically speaking, it takes 21 days to break habits and since love is also a habit, 21 days of no communication are enough to move away. For deeper love, 90 days are enough to change nature of people. Thus 3 months more you can employ, not more than that. There are always better people around.

We trick our mind and so does our mind, to believe that the one we are with are the best.Start looking beyond and you may find better one.