1. Never discuss future or financial worries unless she is your wife.
  2. Never answer calls or messages immediately
  3. Never ever tell her that you love her deeply, never write too romantic letters , messages etc.
  4. Want to express love? Say ‘I like you’ and stop don’t glorify love too much. Women are romantic but internally in their imagination not outside.
  5. Never depend on your woman for emotional support or entertainment (Except sex). Never become a joker to her. She must also entertain you and capture your attention. Fucking a boring girl is worst experience in life. Buy one instead.
  6. ‎Never send two messages in a row or call again twice. Avoid all greetings, good morning texts, good night text etc absolutely.
  7. ‎No need to reply silly messages or complaining or bitching or whatever shit tests they present to you from time to time.Women are a lot more accommodating than you can imagine.
  8. Remember shit tests never end. They just become more subtle.
  9. ‎Never react to their bitching. Either shrug them or change topic.
  10. Why giving money gifts etc is bad for relationships? It’s a beta trait. It proves that you need more to impress her.You are not enough.Your quality of ideas and class is indeed your most potent weapon. Women stick like a glue to men who have functional knowledge of life and street smartness (Since they lack these most in their lives).
  11. Why women inherently play games? Because she had no other option to attract men nor has any other intellectual quality and techniques. Mind games are emotional things requiring very less intelligence but high sixth sense and understanding of human behavior. Women are perpetual masters in manipulating emotions of men.

PS : Replace never with ‘never ever’.

More common beta traits (Checklist)

  1. Asking nudes
  2. ‎Good morning Good evening texts.
  3. ‎Waiting for her more than 5 minutes while going out.
  4. ‎Stalking her and letting her know. Spying her and asking questions about her whereabouts, routine etc. (If she wanna fuck some other guy, she can and will fuck. You can’t stop her!)
  5. ‎Picking all phone calls on priority
  6. ‎Changing your plans to suit hers
  7. ‎Asking or seeking approval
  8. ‎Asking her opinion about sex after sex
  9. ‎Giving her more importance than she deserves.
  10. ‎Replying instantly to text messages


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