Let me explain.

You know Aishwarya. You may like her. I hate her. Does it make in any sense the worth of her go up or down ? No. I hate her for my personal reasons, my physiology,psychology and upbringing. My genetics do not permit me to like her.

This hypothetical situation explains the unnecessary pain involved out of some one’s rejection. (S)he may not like you for their reasons! It has nothing to do with your self worth. We all are wired differently. Every body cannot like you and vice versa.

Hence mutual love is so difficult to find.

Solution : Love can develop over time. You need to break the stereotypes in her mind. Start slowly and let you occupy her mind and thoughts. You need to study her psychology and mold your self accordingly. You can get any one, provided you give the time allowed for love to settle down.

Stop love and start friendship or even acquaintance. You need to break her resistance if it was not already broken by your initial approach. Friendzone is not that evil either.

PS : Change his to her and vice versa at appropriate places.