Bro its sad truth but true.

There are many girls who keep you for enjoyment , partying,shopping and every thing and as and when they get a better six figure husband from IIT Kanpur, they give you these shitty reasons. Even if she had sex with you, doesn’t make her loyal to you!

Time had changed.I have personally seen many good looking affluent friends of mine snatching any girl from any body in just two meetings. They just need the right kind of credit card.

Forget her. Good girls are rare. Search some one else. If you get one , give her these tests before investing in them (V Imp).

  • Tell them that you lost your job and searching for one more and are in some financial constraint. Watch her reaction and support for next few days.If it changes, leave such slut immediately.
  • Tell her that your affluent friend is interested in her or just make him call her. If she agrees for a date, again leave her.
  • A girl friend is different from a life partner, who may be again different from a soul mate. Search for your soul mate and if you get one, you got ‘Nirvana’ my friend.

A girl who stands with you irrespective of your financial and material position is the best in the world and a guy who stands with any girl,irrespective of her beauty standards is again the best for her.

via Why does after being 7 years together girl says that we are not compatible and blames that boy has not done enough for her?