11 reasons people block you on social media

Many reasons. I have personally blocked many people.

  1. Annoying spammers
  2. Person thinks you are below their standard.
  3. Really pissed off by your behaviour.
  4. Playing ‘hard to get’ mind game to raise his or her social market value.
  5. Blocked you in a moment of anger but later got results (You becoming desperate etc.) and continuing.
  6. You hurt their ego which was already very low. Means you were above them and little ego hurt made them fall more and hence to re balance equation blocked you.
  7. You cheated on them multiple times and after every apology do the same.
  8. People don’t reply when they are angry. They don’t reply when they are angry and you are desperate. Girls usually stop replying if you beg too much and are not ‘useful’ to them. Girls are pragmatic and its inbuilt in them.
  9. Girls don’t reply if you put hem on pedestal (Too much praising, approval seeking) or too much annoying like making fun of them etc.
  10. Men are not that moody and if they are not replying means either you are a boring person (Men primarily want sex or fun from women) or they are really busy or they don’t care about you.
  11. Men block girls when they show too many tantrums, are not socially intelligent or bimbo. Men hate dumb girls.