Ahh love…

You know you are in love when

  • Everything and I mean everything you do has a central theme. ‘some one’ is always in your mind like background music. Sometimes loud, sometimes mild.
  • You feel that ‘someone’s’ voice constantly stops you doing evil and propels to do good. That voice along with video, always guides you. They become your second nature. You get their opinions as if what they might have said or told you in the particular situation.
  • You become a very good human being. You stop almost all evil.
  • You follow them every where (with out letting them know) and try to associate your affiliation with each action of theirs.
  • Changed WA status, you wonder why? Haven’t changed it for a while, you wonder why!. You have every possible information about them.
  • You become supersensitive to whatever they do or say.
  • Sometimes you feel infinitely jealous because of some action of theirs.
  • Suppose they say ‘I can never get a friend like you’ to someone else, you feel like what the hell I am doing in your life! (whether I’m there or not!).
  • Sometimes you feel that they secretly enjoy your state of mind at times and you feel like taking revenge!
  • Love has a peculiar property
    • Distances make heart go fondle.
    • It deepens with passing time.
    • More distances, difficulties in communication (why me logic), more profound love becomes!

One word :If you are truly in love you are dead!