We all have experience of one or two very good, nice, good at heart innocent girls in our life. Don’t you still remember that nice lass, soft spoken, out of this world, novice.

Do you remember how she ditched you!

What happened here? Why the all novice, good at heart girl to whom you bare your soul out started to behave like another social bitch?

Let me help you recall the story of scorpion and frog.

When scorpion asked frog to help him pass the river, frog said one thing ‘You will bite me’.

The scorpion replied ‘No I will not else I shall die too’.

Frog believed him and gave him a free ride (Just like Beta providers). You know what happened next. He bites the frog!

Before Dying frog asked him ‘Why?’

He replied ‘It’s my nature’.

Same with girls. Its their basic nature to be manipulative and get some power (In fact all power) in male dominated world.

They all are same when it comes to love and dating.

Engrave this on your tattoo hand. They are nice, good at heart, pure, benevolent except for the people they date!

This is ironical but true.

  1. Your innocent girl friend is just ‘innocent looking girl friend’ when it comes to love and dating. It’s in her genes to choose the best available male. She is like a customer. Do you feel remorse after rejecting Samsung for an iphone or vice versa? In love, there is no mercy.
  2. Many girls play dumb to attract high quality males looking for ‘novice’ girls. You can’t imagine the extent to which these women can play dumb!
  3. Remember never to lose frame, no matter what happens, no matter whom you are with.


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