Life tips…

  • Take care of your body : Your body will be your companion for life, more than any body else will. You live in your body. Every thing else can wait. Give at least 90 minutes per day to your body. Start with a jog/walk and some body weight exercises. You will thank this habits years later.
  • Write a journal : I write on Quora. My kids, my well wishers or whoever love me can know every thing about my thought process through my answers. I can never tell them all even if I talk to them daily!. We write in our most sound state of mind. talking i soften a reaction while writing is a thought. Write a journal, online or off line and your future generations will thank you for that. Many people out there have great experiences, thoughts hidden in them, which no one knows!. Bring those out and some times you will be amazed to find that ‘its you’ who writes so well!
  • Keep record of things and dates : I have bad episodic memory. I forget about renewal dates, things I put in some unknown closet and never able to find them out. Hence I keep a excel file either online or offline or synced. In that file I always put important dates, important service request numbers, things which I put some where. For example if I put my passport in that big trunk, beneath that big file, I mention it in that file.This exercise saves me a lot of time and also less fights, allegation etc. with my wife.
  • Save coins : I have a habit of collecting coins (General coins). I have many water bottles filled with them. After some 50 years when they will become obsolete (Plastic money is going to become norm in 10 years), you will love the treasure. Metal always find its value. Its a good investment always.
  • Automated savings/ Avoid Loans : This is a life saver. I always have recurring deposits and SIP in my account. I know what my fixed expenses are and future expenses way before. Suppose I need to buy a car worth 10 Lacs INR, I will create an RD which will give me interest and also my target time.

Some calculations : At current rates for a mortgage loan of 10 L, you will pay about 10 L as interest in five years. You pay 20 L for a 10 L car. I invest 10 L as EMI (which you are also paying). After 5-7 years I have 20L cash. I buy a car worth 10 L. Out net worth after 5-7 years. You are down 20L, I am up 10L.We both have a car. Difference = 30L!.

I have written a full account here Which is the one habit that can transform your world forever?.

  • Genuinely help others to grow rich : You know rich people network for five hours per day. But how ? They help others to grow rich!. I am yet to find a truly rich man who has not helped me , if I genuinely asked them!. People ask money from the rich, ask for advice instead. They look selfish but they are really busy!. When you start helping others, it comes back compounded and then it starts pouring! (You know it never rains!).
  • Be dead honest with money : People will never forget someone who was honest with them as far as money is concerned. Be honest in relationship also.
  • Learn to say no : Remember 80/20 rule. 80% of your results are produced by 20% of efforts.

Focus on what is important and focus hard.

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