Only thing computers can never surpass with humans is ‘Emotional intelligence’.

Human behavior is infinitely complex.For a particular problem (Behavior) , there are infinite responses.Our basic ability to analyze any problem with emotion and rational thinking, is the only marked difference which machines can never conquer. Why ?

  • Emotions need life, a living organism which can perceive things and their properties. A machine,if can have emotions i.e. life will technically become a living organism!. It will have its own judgement and reasons.
  • Whatever advances machine learning can do in their respective domains,the basic intellect. which is independent and grow on its own,is impossible with out life in it.The advances in bio-chips is the same concept. they just put a human neuron on a chip and it starts to learn and combine with the silicon chip.But the basic differentiation is the living neuron.
  • We have conservation of energy principle.In the same way we have conservation of life principle.We cannot start with a muddy lake of ammonia and all basic ingredients of life and get a life out of non life.Life or consciousness also cannot be created or destroyed. It must have existed all through the start of universe.
  • The idea of singularity is also bogus.We cannot have machines ruling humans ever. Yes we can have bio-robots (A species in between humans and machines) taking over our planet.We need to be more cautious when we are giving our own power of life to these machines. We don’t understand the nature of life totally. There is no point playing with tools which we don’t even know to operate fully.
  • Machines have algorithms.They can get better in predicting common human behavior. But they can never surpass the ability of a human to create a new thought out of no where. We know that there are computer chips designed by heuristic programs (Which learn by themselves), which are so complex that no human mind can fully understand that,but still we can control them. We don’t understand the mechanism of many drugs but still we know that they work.
  • Human mind is a by product of engineering of greatest engineer out there, nature. Its a work of at least one million years old. These computers are just in the beginning stages. they can’t compete alone but with nature combined, they are just too dangerous!

All known science is just reverse engineering of nature. Have you ever felt that all technology is already there, all laws of science are already present, we are just rediscovering or unveiling them!

Nature is too powerful.