Being a Mathematics professor, I have plenty of them. But there is one eccentric moment (which I share with my students also) is like this.

Few years back (Three years to be precise), I was teaching a grade 12th student (female) about integration. She was a bit weak student and hence to clear her basics I started with number systems. The class was going fine and she seemed to be grasping every thing well till rational numbers came.

She told me ‘Sir, all mathematicians are wrong and I have a new discovery!’.

I don’t judge my students and thought may be she had a flash of genius.

She told me sir ‘ (1/2) + (1/2) = 1/2   (Remember she was in grade 12th! )

I said how ?

She said ‘We add the numerator and denominator like this (1+1)/(2+2) = 2/4 = 1/2!’.

Two minutes of silence for our deceased friend ‘Mathematics”.

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