In one minute I can teach you a memory hack which will help you remember 10 or sometimes more random objects.This method is called ‘palace method’ or ‘method of loci[1]’ or ‘Memory palace[2]’. I also know one more memory method to learn 1000 objects in and out-of-order. That method is called ‘phonetic alphabet method’, but that method requires more patience and time (One month).

Palace method : Palace method or method of loci is so simple that you need not do any thing to learn it.Its already inbuilt in your mind!.

Okay let us start. Follow what I say and you learn the method in one minute here only!

The base of this method is using the information already inbuilt in our memory. Imagine your house in your mind or your school or any location whose spacial construction is already fed in your mind. Now for example you want to remember these 10 objects.

  1. Apple
  2. Pen
  3. Pin
  4. Book
  5. Watch
  6. Quora
  7. Laptop
  8. iPhone
  9. Stapler
  10. Wallet

Start to imagine that you are moving into your house mentally (Please imagine your own house or school or whatever and DO NOT try to remember details of my answer i.e. location!). You enter your drawing-room and you find your table (in mind).

  1. Place the apple over there.
  2. Next comes the drawer number one of table. Place pen in it.
  3. In drawer number two below it place pin.
  4. Place book in third drawer.
  5. Place watch in single drawer on the right of table.
  6. Open the webpage of Quora on your Mac on the table.
  7. Put that laptop on sofa cum bed now.
  8. Put that iPhone on book cupboard.
  9. Put stapler on that iPhone, just on it (Be careful of scratches though!).
  10. Put you wallet on the printer of second table next to the previous table.

With out scrolling back above,I am writing out the things. Try your self. Don’t look at screen now. Apple,pen,pin,book,Quora,laptop,iPhone,stapler,Wallet.

Yes I missed one since I was writing as well as remembering. If you try two-three times, you shall be master.

Congrats now you have super memory.




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