10 ‘real’ advices for Indian Girls

  1. Many and I repeat many of the boys out there are looking out for only one thing from youSEX. The number is in excess of 70%. Yes they want sex from you in disguise of relationships. They never intend any relationship or long term partnership but only FWB. More popular, more well built, more extrovert,outgoing, more decent (looking as well as naturewise), better flirt he is. I am guilty for the same (Although I was a charmer and not seducer).
    1. How to spot a seducer or fuck boy?
      1. They are overconfident. You will not find that initial hiccup guys have while meeting girl for the first time. However confident anyone is, guys are always a bit nervous in front of girls.
      2. They ‘show’ that they don’t give you a fuck. They will charm you for a while and then you will never listen from them for days. Because they are busy with other girls or targets.
      3. They can get into emotional terminology very soon. They basically use seduction methods to tap the emotional mind of girls. They can tell you a fake sobbing story or tell you about future experiences which can be very interesting, like a ride in water park.
      4. If you are falling in deep love with someone you met just a week ago and still know nothing about them except the fact that they are charming and seemingly ‘not bad’ , you are seduced.
      5. If you start to love without any feasible reason and think about them day in day out, can’t stop yourself stalking into their social media and are always restless in very short span of time, you are seduced. A good seducer typically needs 7 hours of total contact time for any girl to take her to his bedroom.
      6. If someone is over emotional,over innocent, over charming or anything, he is a seducer.
    2. How do they can seduce you against your will ?
      1. Psychologists, players and seducers have studied in great detail about female mind. Female mind has following flaws.
      2. A female has virtually no control over whom they will fall in love.Love ‘happens’ to females without conscious effort. This is the only reason that lot of nice guys can’t get girls and these seducers have almost every girl in their circle!
      3. Female mind has a fantasy part which wants thrill. These guys exploit this weakness of female mind and hence can easily sway them away.
      4. Girls are drawn to innate confidence and non neediness. These people are very confident because they know working of female mind as well as they have experience and many options.
      5. Girls like dominant men inherently. They can’t help but to succumb to a dominant male. These guys are naturally dominant and confident. Many of them are Jerks or Alpha males.
      6. Women like men who are unavailable.They have many options and they don’t depend on these girls for anything. Hence their non availability is also a deciding factor.
      7. Ah .. girls sob with real nice guys when they are not giving them the required attention and move to the jerk as soon as he is available!
  2. Never give up your career for anything. Not marriage, not parent pressure, boyfriend or whoever. We all are alone. No one is yours. Your parents shall not remain forever. Only money can help you in old age.
  3. A secret of evolutionary biology is that ‘men hold the key to commitments while women hold the key to sex’ . Never ever give your most precious bargaining point to him unless he commits. If you give milk for free, they shall not buy the cow. Russian Proverb.
  4. Always learn Martial Arts. It can come handy for you or others in despair. Don’t have money to go to class for it. Use youtube.
  5. Most important thing any man (even seducers) want in any girl (for long term partnership) is
    1. Honesty
    2. Faithfulness
    3. Caring nature
    4. Soft skills
    5. Cooking ability
    6. Sexy body
    7. Men will leave any sexy bitch for a normal nice understanding girl, in long term.
  6. Looks really matter : I hate to tell you this but in India (and almost world wide), your social value is tied to your physical appearance, primarily due to voyeur nature of men and oversold sex and vulgarity. If you face doesn’t have a very good features, focus on skin quality and tone. Having a sexy body beats almost all odds. Research has proven that for a women social status, monetary status and looks matter. It is called LMS triad. She can cope with two even if anyone is missing. But for a capable man, women in lower 10% of looks market and any amount of MS, cannot get him. This is a dark reality. For girls , looks are almost compulsory.
  7. Greatest power a girl possess is the ability to control any man by using her tears and sexual advances. Men do not have any ability to think when a sexy girl approaches him and asks for a favor unless he is a player.
  8. Your most productive age is till 25 or may be 30. Get a good life partner by this age. Since looks cannot be exchanged for any amount of money or social value for a man, you must seriously consider this suggestion.
  9. Girls are charmers and seducers by nature. Its inbuilt in them.They can pull men towards them. With some seduction tricks any girl can beat Cleopatra. Unfortunately, since love is a bit easier for girls, they are submerged in romance novels and refrain from seduction methods. Seduction methods are different for girls and boys.
  10. Everyone must learn functional psychology. Your mind,your heart and your life is your priciest possession. Never allow anyone to hack your mind.

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