I will choose love over anything…even though it it’s a bad choice.

To me love is ultimate high, best aphrodisiac, greatest motivation. I don’t know why.

But that true love is not there in today’s era. We all have filters, our minds are corrupted, we all are selfish. Even if we fall in love we keep testing other people, how much they like to invest emotionally, how far they are ready to step out for us, how much of their ego they can put down for us.

We have become to clever for true love.

  • That rich guy knows why 22 girls are following him like mad.
  • That sexy diva knows why those creepy guys are doing out of the order favors for her.
  • We test too much. We are in the era of skeptical love. We love but always with a harness, a safe exit.

Thus based on updated knowledge,life,career and at the last love.

No one loves a bankrupt man or a unsexy girl.(Exceptions are however there).

Love is a commodity now a days. Play with the rules or perish.