4 Biggest mistakes of my life

  1. Proactive help : I am an empath. I can read people, what’s going on with them. I understand emotions. I can see what’s going on your mind. Some times I act proactively. I help you without being asked. I am desperate now or emotional fool or stupid!
  2. Speaking my heart out : I never fell into any trouble of the sorts by speaking fabricated lies, telling people bullshit,false promises, fake love or whatever. But whenever I spoke real truth,carved my heart out, presented my self for others selflessly, I was always bitten on face. They took me for granted, considered me fake ( ah irony), desperate, emotional fool, used me and treated me badly! I’m yet to meet a completely genuine person to whom I don’t have to hide my inner feelings without being judged,with no filters,no mind games,no phony talks. Few came very close but disappointed at the end. Let me give you a perspective. Same person, same me, I am genuine, real, loving, caring,no filters,no mind games, no value. Part two , same person, same me,a bit of tricks, some mind games, some Psychological techniques, I am a hero! This happened so many times that I forgot count. I always start with Open heart, simple mind and I guess people don’t have habit of drinking that pure water! I mix it with some toxins of mind games and yeah they love it!! Mind is amazing. I can guarantee desired results with mind games for anyone, anywhere. I have helped people many times and they are stunned that they really work.
  3. Be overtly nice : Same logic. Our minds have been corrupted by movies,media and materialistic literature. Be very nice and genuine and people start to suck your blood! Be little machiavellistic, your are hailed! People love little bit of evil! They love pain…wow…
  4. Giving all in True love : Ironically I observed this more on love whereas it must be less over there. Some times we are more harsh with people who love us unconditionally! Reread, people who love us and not whom we love! If you are a true lover, playing no mind games, always giving, be ready for being dumped soon! Ironical, isn’t it. I’m not asking those who are still in Rosy grip of eternal, utopian love, but to those who already suffered this, am I wrong? The naysayers need to wait for some time for realisation. Unconditional utopian love takes time, effort and investment to get developed. It does exist but filters are too strong now a days.

My experience with women tell me a different story than portrayed in media.

If you are continuously falling in love or helpless in current love, the book might do wonders. It teaches you only tweaking and not mind games. It helps you to reach heart by surpassing filters of mind.

You may call me cynical but true genuine people are very less. For all others you need weapons.