I accidentally stole my friend’s girlfriend.

This story goes back to the days in my college when I was well built, handsome and gregarious (sorry for the uncalled boasting). I was talkative and good at studies. I used to run,jog and was physically fit and attractive. I was a playboy. Attracting girls and leaving them in lurch was my primary job title (I still regret that childish behavior and am sorry from bottom of my heart).

Worst thing about my behavior was that I was a charmer and not seducer. I never wanted anything from those girls. No sex,no relationship but number count. I would play with one girl for some days. When she gets emotionally addicted to me, I would leave her and move to next one! She just became a number in my diary.

I knew many psychological tricks to get attraction of girls and use it to my leverage. I was in second year and was going in full swing. I was known as boyfriend destroyer.

I met a nice girl called ‘N***i’. I played my game and was absolutely unaware that one of my shy close friend had serious crush over her. They two were getting close and we just knew they were close friends. My friend was so shy that he never told me and they both stopped talking!

He was so nice that he even sacrificed his own love for my sake and get out of our way. He changed his timings and lectures so that he can pave way for us. I was the same. I played my game. She got serious and interested. But soon I got bore out of her and started to neglect her. In fact I changed my timings so that she can never see me.

In an candid moment my friend inquired me about her. I told her ‘I don’t like her’. He was dumbfounded. He then spoke his heart out. I was killed from inside. He was really nice guy. He was a very good friend. That day I left playing with innocent hearts. I was guilty. I tried patching them up but stupid heart never listens to any one. She kept following me, getting more depressed in the process. I am still guilty.

It was no one’s gain and everyone’s loss.

I am sorry.

Never break an innocent heart.