About me ?

  1. I am moody. More moody than Tom Moody!Sometimes I am romantic for days and the times I am just spiritual.I am often in research mode and at timers on writing spree.I am insanely unpredictable!
  2. I am trust worthy. I am bestowed with a lot of secrets by many people in my life. I never broke trust of any one. I may break your heart but never your trust.Trust me.
  3. I am romantic to the core. I love love.I love feeling on being in love.I am a great lover if you understand me.But since I am a lover, the onus to keep me with you is always upon you!
  4. I am very open. Yes I can talk to strangers with so much comfort that they have hard time believing that we met only ten minutes back!
  5. I am detached for material things. I am extremely detached with belongings.Incidents in my life have shaped me that way.I don’t feel any loss in my life now.I lost my Z10 blackberry on commute to work last year. Just after 10 minutes I was browsing of new phone!.I know things ar not permanent and hence don’t care.If it is there,its good,if it’s not there again its good!

Source: What are five random facts about you?