1. Future : The competition for millenials is 10X than our times. Also their hunger is great but their patience is very less. They want things fast and in a jiffy. I guess this mismatch between aspirations and patience required to get succes shall be real stress for this Gen Z.
  2. True Love : New gen is quick, fast and wants everything very fast. Most of them are single kids. Sharing resources is a major problem for them. Further almost all of them are disproportionately pampered, it gets really difficult for them to accept responsibilities and give love. They are just programmed and positioned to take all and give back usually nothing. Relationship management shall be a major issue with millennials.
  3. Real Friends : Today’s generation is too clever and to form real friendships. Old values like faithfulness, helpfulness, compassion and love are mere word for this generation. They feel that friendship and love are more or less ‘strategic alliance’ and love is old fashioned. They fail to understand that people are emotional beings who think and not the vice versa. They feel that older generation is a fool and they can easily use their emotions for their advantage. They never realise that success in life is all about networking, helping others and making a community. They fail to realise that your ‘image’ is your greatest asset. People do business, employ people and help others, whom they trust and like. Honesty, integrity and hard work are still the best way to reach at top. Don’t kill the golden bird which can give you golden eggs all your life.
  4. Health : Gen Z is in fact health conscious. They go to gym and at times eat healthy. But they have forgotten the basic rules of good health. Their health is ‘good looking’ and skin deep. Deep down, their basic mistakes in eating, sleeping and health management is flawed. It is just like having a fit (looking) body with faulty lever (May be due to excessive use of supplements). Now a days health is more visual and less physical.

I do respect and love the sharp young generation out there. They have infinite ambition and energy. They are well learned and are able to avoid mistakes of elder generation. But I hate their ornamental success and not the real success. Sooner or later life shall make them learn these forgotten basics and yes they will certainly rule the world.

India shall be world no. 1 super power by 2040.