No.Nothing Like that. Love is a masters course. Having looks and money is necessary condition but not sufficient. Money attracts females but not excites them. What excites them is the Alpha character and rough masculinity.These traits are present in every man once he is born but later blue pilled media let you forget these.As any straight male will get attracted to any good looking woman, a woman is bound by nature to succumb to any Alpha Male.

You choose following course of action.

  1. Learn from books as much as you can.Learn from so called bro-science books and forums and refrain mass media literature.
  2. Practice what you learn and fail as many times. You will definitely improve in six months.
  3. Find a mentor in your city. Mentors are fastest way to progress in life since they give you real time feedback curated for you only.
  4. Remember you don’t have to learn anything but unlearn many thing. No one teaches a fish to swim or a cat to catch mouse. Attracting women is your natural tendency. YOu ony have to unlearn a lot of bull shit propagated by bollywood and fake media.Stop listening to bollywood maddening romantic songs altogether and your life shall be 90% better in love!!

Alpha Male Definition

Importance and uses of Alpha frame : TheRedPill

You can purchase information but never buy knowledge. Knowledge and wisdom comes from blessing of mentors and you own hard work. Forget about buying love. You can never trick a high quality girl to love you by displaying wealth.

Lastly all these methods are only starters. The main dish is still true love and real compassion.