Closure as if? Closure is usually an disguised attempt to get your loved one’s back. It is a hidden neediness and kind of begging for love.

Suppose you went to a mobile shop. You purchased a Samsung mobile. After some time you felt that the promises done by samsung are all hoax and shallow. You felt cheated.You went back to the shop. Dumped the mobile and bought a new one.

Now Samsung realised the mistake and wants you to give it one more chance. Remember you have given samsung enough chances, complained to the customer care ad tried all means so that it could function. What would you do now? Will you give Samsung another chance?

Closure is usually another chance to beg for your love to come back. Hence people avoid giving closures because

  1. They feel vulnerable in front of those whom they have surrendered once(emotionally). Avoiding them is the best possible solution.
  2. People usually try to justify emotions and usually beg for love to come back. They do not want to feel the embarrassment involved in dejecting people again and again.
  3. Seeking closure is an emotional response of our psychology. It is just we value pain twice as much as gain and hence we overreact to the situation.

I guess end of relationship is the best closure.

Hint (Esp for men) : More patience and self respect you have, better are your chances of getting a closure or a comeback.

Hint (For women) : More compassionate and proactive you are ,better are your chances.

Men and women are differently wired, you know.