Masculinity of any guy does not depend on what he does but how he behaves. If you are needy, clingy, want a momma girlfriend, always insecure and so called ‘nice guy’, giving too many gifts, too many good morning texts, love letters etc. might backfire.

On the contrary if you are emotionally independent, confident, have a life and passion, doing anything gentlemanly shall never affect your position, status or relationship.

Some points of gifting and giving compliments

  1. Don’t give anything for free. Your girl must earn it. If she really worked hard on her makeup, bought a new dress to impress you, did a haircut, had a saloon job etc. and she knows she looks good, complimenting her will not backfire. But if you are praising her when she knows nothing has changed, she will detest you and characterize you as a nice beta male. Understand the difference between praising and pleasing.
  2. Useless good morning texts and kiss emojis usually spoil the mood of any girl. If you are texting good morning baby with no follow up text like ‘When we are meeting?’ or ‘When you are coming to school/college/office etc., it come under the premise of pleasing. It’s just trying too hard to keep your girl with you. Why try hard? Understand the difference between inquiring and pleasing.
  3. Giving gifts to your lover is a nice gesture. But giving gifts without any specific reason or accomplishment is always spooky. Gift her when she looks really nice. Gift her when she topped in her college exams. Gift her when she won some accolade. Gift for reasons, occasions and accomplishments. Secondly gift for feelings and not money. A 1000 bucks nice perfume (which she secretly likes) is way better than a 10000 bucks costly dress which she hates. Gifts are there to convey your feelings and not the money you spent of them. The only price tag on a gift is genuine feelings.Understand the difference between gifting and pleasing.
  4. Don’t overdo anything. Giving things when they crave them or deserve them or have worked hard for them, raises value of relationships.Giving things for free diminishes value of you!

What is it that men do not understand about female attraction?

Endnote : Nothing is wrong or right but the intention, execution and timing. If you feel (your gut feel) that something is wrong it probably is.