Earlier I never use do delete any of my answers. BUt lately I deleted quite a many of my answers. My criteria are as follows

  1. Collapsed answers : Many of my answers have collapsed since they do no confirm to the realms and norms of blue pilled society. Since they are not visible to public, I delete them. But they are published on my personal blog Life Hacks . You can find all content written by me ever on my blog. It gives me great control over my content and I can chose to write things which are not conforming to the rose glassed view of society. In fact I have deleted 90% of my answers and republished on my blog!
  2. Unpopular answers : I usually delete answers having less than 10 upvotes. If even 10 people don’t appreciate the answer, I guess the content wastes a lot of time of people who follow my writings or get my content in their feed via Quora digest. To me, time of other people is extremely important for me. I want people to learn from my content and not feel cheated. Don’t worry, all those 2700 (or maybe more) deleted answers are getting published on my blog automatically as scheduled posts. My blog is scheduled to post at least three articles per week on average till June 2020! Hence a lot of republished content to catch up.
  3. Personal answers : I wrote several answers which were too personal and have nothing to do with public domain or interest. They were targeted answers for someone special. Hence I have removed them from public view. They are still on my personal blog and shall remain there forever. I am advocate of keeping my heart on my sleeve but still some things must remain personal.
  4. Short or one line answers : I have written many one liner answers before. Later I realised that they were not helping the reader in any sense. Since I value time of others more than mine , I deleted them. My only criteria to keep answers is that at least 10 people must find it helpful. Later I Will set the bar to 20 upvotes and finally 50 upvotes (After giving enough time for answers to gain traction.). Even though I care less about public opinion and upvotes, I care more about other people’s time and effort to read my content. Lastly for the people who are really interested to read all of my content,they can always head to my personal blog. Seeker do find the truth.
  5. Immature, impractical and emotional answers : Being a writer and emotional person, I did wrote several answers in emotional state of mind. After re reading them I found them inappropriate for public viewing and irrational for general logic. Hence I deleted those answers.

In essence I have deleted my less helpful answer but not my content. They are on internet for those who are really interested.