1. Indian girls are simple and don’t like sex.
    1. In reality they like sex and 54% of porn in India is consumed by girls.
    2. Girls can be naughty and put their male counterparts to shame when they talk dirty in their girlie groups.
    3. In retrospect we can say that they are just human and society have put them on unwanted pedestal suppressing their natural human desires.
    4. Yes they are publicly more sober than boys and privately many times more naughty. I believe in next decade we will see more and more girls speaking their heart out, asking men out, pursuing unconventional (read for men only) career and demanding (as well as deserving and getting) more pay than their respective male counterparts. Being a girl in no way limits them to be at par with men.
  2. Engineering is the best (and probably only) career option.
    1. You go to your roof top and throw a stone. It will surely land on a engineer! Yes India is an engineer oriented country. I sometimes refer India as Endia.
    2. You can find engineers everywhere, right from cab driver to bank officer to your vada pav wala! In civil services we used to have 80% engineers (which has now changed lately due to less emphasis on technical and mathematical reasoning in Mains), in MBA they are almost all engineers.
    3. In fact engineers are so common that sometimes people assume that you are a B Tech or BE. If you tell them that you are B Tech, they will ask, ok, what else you have done after B Tech! B Tech is now a default degree for India!
    4. I do believe in mathematical reasoning and believe everyone must have some kind of mathematical inclination and training. It helps to sharpen your decision making skills and mental faculties. For that we can make mathematics compulsory till grade 12 or may introduce a subject of reasoning and logic to improve our analytical skills. Maths is not a subject but an skill. It is bicycle of mind. Same with chess or any other such activity. But people in India do engineering just to have a backup option. I disdain this fact only.
  3. Love marriages are common.
    1. No they are not. Forget what you hear on media and on forums. In India statistically speaking we still have less than 3% love marriages.
    2. We are still an orthodox society. ‘What people will say’ is still a great threat in the psyche of Indians. Don’t judge India by Metro news you see on TV. We are a very big country and 80% of India lives in semi urban and rural areas.
    3. Love is pretty common but love marriages are not.
  4. We have become liberal and girls are treated at par in homes and society.
    1. Yes we have become liberal when it comes to other people. We will advice people to let their daughter’s chose their life partners, chose career of their choice, wear whatever clothes they want, let them go to far town to study, let them have male friends (read including boyfriend also), let them have late night party.
    2. But remember when it comes to our own daughters or girls in our nearby families, this stance changes very fast. A boy having a girlfriend himself and planning to marry her shall not allow his sister to have a boyfriend (90% of cases)! She may have in secrecy but never publicly.
    3. The best argument given by brothers is that ‘Many guys are not good and might use their sister’. This protectionism is fine. I like this possessiveness but ruling the intellect and decision making ability of your sister out, is both insulting as well as demeaning. This patriarchy (hidden and private) is unforeseen anywhere else in this world.
    4. He may want his girlfriend to get physical with him before marriage (on pretext of true love) but would almost kill his sister if he ever finds her in any such situation with any guy( again 90% of boys). We were patriarchal earlier and hidden patriarchal now. All that gyan and liberalism goes out of window the moment it is redirected towards us!
    5. We are selectively secular and liberal. We change our views in accordance to our benefits and alignment to our core ideas.

9 bitter truths about life in India

India is a complex country. We are both liberal as well as conventional, clever as well as good at heart, cruel as well as kind. We are a different breed of people. Your experiences will always vary with Indians, depending on which side of our personality you hit in. But I can assure you that we are very good at heart. Our genes are same as ‘Vasudev kutumbakam’. Yes we have evolved for this ugly world and yes we have now put our good and kind side somewhere deep down, hidden, only to protect us from further assaults.

What are some facts about India that Indians are generally unaware of?

We have it in our genes to be the best and as projected by multiple surveys and studies, India shall be world No.1 power by 2040. Wait for us, we are coming and yes for your good and not evil.