Do you recall any of your friends who are people pleaser? They are always nice to you, speak positively about you always and always a yes man. And yes they do keep taking special favours from you on pretext of reciprocity obligation principle.

I remember a story of Akbar and Birbal where Akbar invites Birbal for a dinner. They both are having Brinjal (Baigan).

Akbar tells Birbal that it tastes awesome.

Birbal replies ‘Yes Sir and thats why its called king of vegetables. It even has a crown on its head’.

Akbar agrees and they enjoy the meal.

Next day both were again having a different dish of Brinjal. The taste was not that good as of previous day.

Akbar complained to Birbal ‘What an awful vegetable. Horrible taste!’

Birbal replied ‘Yes Sir, Brinjals are horrible, black in color, no taste and class of their own . They are like slaves of vegetables!’

Akbar was perplexed. He reminded Birbal that ‘What kind of person you are? Yesterday this Brinjal was king and today a pauper!’

Birbal calmly replied ‘Sir I am your servant and not of Brinjal’s!’

Same is the case with nice guys. They unreal on pretext of being nice. They want sexual favors for their ‘niceness’! Girls hate nice guys. Anybody would.

What is a girl’s biggest turn off?

Friendzoning is just a polite social rejection.

Tips to avoid friendzone

  1. Be real (Not be yourself).
  2. Be polite but not boot licking. Have your self respect in track (very important).
  3. Have self respect but don’t take everything on ego.Be adaptable since girls are moody (by nature and not on purpose).
  4. Don’t be rude or jerk.
  5. Initially go slow.
  6. Friendzone the girl first.

Are you throwing yourself at someone’s feet by confessing your love to them?

Love is a masters course. You need time to learn it.