Rules of modern relationships

  1. Never spy your girlfriend. If you don’t (can’t) trust her, leave her. If she wants to cheat she can cheat and you can’t help it.
  2. Somethings are private like dates of periods. If she is not willing to share don’t force. Remember she is not your slave.
  3. More free she is to go, more likely she will stay. More boundaries you create, more freedom she wants. This is primary psychology. If love can’t bind her, what else can.
  4. Don’t argue, don’t justify, don’t complain, never nag for petty issues like ‘why she is talking to that guy…etc. ‘. Discuss things but never force her to answer or solution. Never try to owe your girlfriend and she will be happily yours forever.
  5. Give her space. Let her breath. Do not always follow, message and try to be constantly in touch. Remember people fall in love with you in your absence.

Importance and uses of Alpha frame

Love is like a plant. You need everything for it to flourish. Most important thing is off course some air, little space, to avoid suffocation.

Change her to him to get similar rules for girls.