Secrets of Boys … Let’s begin

  1. Boys are poly flirtatious by nature. Even if you give them Deepika Padukone, they will flirt with other chicks. But flirting doesn’t equal loving. We just want to keep our fists sharp in case of any emergency break up!
  2. Boys have a remarkable ability to multitask : They can talk with you on phone, leer the other girl walking down the street from their balcony, process cricket score,comb their hair, give gestures to their friend that they are coming in a minute from the same balcony after that girl passed. etc. all in succession or at the same time.
  3. One second notice : Boys usually need one second notice for sex or kiss. You just give them a hint and they can design the whole solution along with viva!. They are real quick to get turned on.
  4. Boys love biking : How many cars one may have, a boy always love their bikes. It is masculine, it gives them freedom and a sort of adrenaline rush. Anytime Royal enfield in lieu of Ford Fiesta. Some people use biking and hiking till late 50s.
  5. Sex and love can be detached : Boys can have sex with people whom they do not love. They have this unique ability to detach sex with love. Off course love-making with one’s love is never comparable with ‘just sex’. Its like lemons to nectar.

These are some other ones.

  1. What do guys wish they knew about girls but girls don’t wish guys knew?
  2. What are a girl’s secrets that a boy shouldn’t/doesn’t know?
  3. Which answers come in your Bookmark list of Quora?