Love is never pastime but the topic ‘love’ is a great time pass.

Why ?

  1. Love is easily understandable.We all understand love.Everyone has experienced love,infatuation,crush,relationship,affair etc. at some point of time in their life.
  2. Everybody can relate to love. Love is universal.Whenever two people are in love (real love),feelings experienced by them is universal. Love is love. It is not different for you and me. The intensity might differ. In any case the feelings are universal.
  3. Love is problematic. We always are in trouble with love. Love is an interaction between two different classes of people, viz. the girls and boys. Both genders think in different manner. There is always communication gap and error in conveying real feelings. Girls are reticent while boys are vocal. Suppose I am taking snaps of my girl with out her permission but she knows that I am taking,she will subtly react,she might blush or smile or feel a bit awkward (in the beginning phases). For men,we will just tease her and make her feel and believe that she is ‘floored’ by our magnanimous personality! This is trouble for most of relationships. Girls are indirect and men are direct. The meeting point is the real love.

Thus love has all,action,drama (a lots of it),emotion,thrill,sex,pain,problems,solutions,inspiration,suspense,procrastination,life and everything else combined. Love is a great entertainer.