Usually my advice is contrary to most of people’s advice out there. My approach is to leave them on their own.

  • If love can’t stop them,what else could.
  • Even if you get them back by employing some mind tricks,seduction methods etc, it is not worth it. They might not know but deep down you know that love is not true and real. You need to keep playing the mind game forever. It is infinitely boring.
  • Research has proven that love always boomerangs. Allow it to come back. We and specially girls always ruminate on feelings and events. In long run we tend to forget negative details of events and happenings and stick to more positive memories (positivity bias). Hence there is always a high chance of love coming back at least once. Observations conclude that it takes about four months for love to come back in full swing. Thus contact after four months and you might be in luck. More you follow them , more they rush away from you. Give them space to fall back.

You can never fall out of love. If you can then it was not love in first place.