Life is a paradox. Dare not solve it. Ever.

  • Professionalism as well as detachment : I am utterly professional as well as completely detached. If I start any task, I choose to become professional to begin with. I have all the plans and strategies in place. But as soon as all outline is defined I become detached to the process. Outcomes stop haunting me after that. For example if I undertake an assignment and after negotiations are done then terms of job stop affecting me. How much one is paying only matters till negotiations are done. After that ‘all are equal’. No preferential treatment for high paying or vice versa. Work is work after that. I don’t care how much one paid then onwards.
  • Lover as well as a loner : If I love you, I am all your completely as long as I am with you.But after the meeting I have no baggage. My mind becomes completely blank and I become submerged in my core job. You may at time feel that even if he remembers me ? I do but I always return to my default mode of enlightenment i.e. no mind. I shall be back when you knock again may be after 10 years. I preserve memories and don’t dump them. But I do not often revisit and live those again. They are refreshed only after your ‘recall’. I have no permanent memories but permanent bliss.
  • Materialistic as well as spiritual : My default state I spiritualism.But to survive ordeals of modern-day life (read slavery), I also have materialistic mode. I do bargain, get the best deals, use discount coupons, negotiate really well etc. these are my guards of my spirituality. I am like Buddha but without a ‘beggar’s suit’. I am a spiritual playboy.
  • I care but I don’t care : I am sort of extremist. If I care I care for every single bit.If I don’t care, I don’t care a lot. If I am frugal then every single penny down to 2 decimal places count. If I am care free, 1000/- bucks = 0 bucks! . People are some times amused and amazed by this duality. But life is dual my friend.
  • I give , I give all else none : I am a perfect lover. If I love you I don’t care or count how much I give you. Material things do not count well in my dictionary as far as I love you.I expect absolutely nothing in return, not even a thanks!. If I really love you, there is nothing in this whole world better than that!. I am that perfect. But you must have that X factor in you to make m truly love you. Some sort of madness, some sort of weirdness… some thing unique. Normal things bore me.

I am a madman, it’s not easy to deal with me.


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