More than Smoking,Alcohol,Unprotected sex,Over speeding,Rash driving,Not valuing relationships etc etc. my personal favourite is

No diet no exercise myth

  • We are designed to work hard : Our body is designed to work hard.We have 206 bones and over 600 muscles. Since our primitive times, we were hunters and hard (read very hard) workers.It is less than a century that this ‘clerical jobs’ scenario gained predominance.We cannot evolve or shun our genetic design of about one million years in one century. Hence whoever tells you to lose weight without exercise or diet control is robbing you in plain daylight, both our money and even pricier health.
  • Aim to be fit (heathy) and NOT thin : Second myth closely related is ‘thin is fit’. Need not be the case.A bunch of numbers on weighing scale or on your blood report DO NOT define your heath. Health is about ‘how you feel and NOT how you look’. A bit obese person might feel himself to be extremely healthy and energetic. Health is like wearing clothes as per your comfort and not as per industry (fashion) standards.

To remain fit you ought to work on your body for at least for one hour per day. A health conscious individual do no drink or smoke whatsoever. It has been scientifically established the urge to smoke and drink is linked with lack of micro nutrients like potassium and sulphur in diet.

A mile long walk a day keep a doctor a mile away. Rest is glorified myth designed to sell you what you don’t need.

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