Mumbai Local is the lifeline of the city.

  1. Punctuality : Mumbai local trains were so punctual at one point of time that it was said ‘You can match your watch with it’. Even now they are damn punctual.
  2. Women safety: Women safety is already well established in Mumbai as a whole. But in local trains also I have seen marked etiquette. It is very common to see a seat remaining vacant in general bogie if a woman is sitting on it alone.No one will sit on that seat except another women,of course.Ladies are given preferences in getting on and off board of train.
  3. Touching but not ‘touchy’ behavior: Personal space is a myth in Mumbai locals or any suburbs any where in the world. But people are cautious about not to touch any one unnecessarily.
  4. Infinite frugal shopping: All kind of cheapest and best products of daily use are readily available on local train. They thrive eon volume and hence can keep price less. Some products are Mumbai local exclusive.
  5. Love stories undisturbed and unperturbed : Love birds here behave as if they are ‘married couples’. Their PDA is over whelming. Right from holding hands to baby kisses all goes in the stride. But no one really cares or tend to raise an nasty eye.We move on as local move on. No moral policing and social sanctions. People here respect couples and avoid unnecessary leering and ogling.
  6. Kids traveling alone: Safety measures and standards are so in place that kids as less as 10 year old are also seen traveling alone.
  7. Struggle chaos crowd and joy… : Mumbai locals is highest density real state in the whole world. People struggle but still enjoy their candy crush in all this chaos.You can never find just one tensed face over here. people are exceptionally content with their lives all over Mumbai.It is often said ‘You don’t do a job in Mumbai, you struggle’. But still this struggle is contagious and ecstatic.
  8. Quick singles all the time. Keep you fit : One of the secrets of fitness and athleticism of Mumbaikars is local trains. You run, jump,stretch,squat or whatever in the course of journey.
  9. No class divide : In Mumbai locals are classes are same class.
  10. Cheapest mode of transport in whole world. Thrive on sheer volume : If you go by per KM basis Mumbai locals cost you less than INR 1/- per km.Cheapest,safest and best in the whole world.

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