8 Golden Rules you must know before turning 22.

  1. Although this age is golden,it is not going to last long. Always think beyond physical body. Think in terms of energy.
  2. Always be double sure that girl you like has temporary sexual appeal. She is going to get old sooner than you. If her curves are only charm better leave her or tell her. Same for girls. If you can’t look beyond looks,money etc. make it clear to him (maybe indirectly).[pullquote]Never mock people older than you. You will realise their efforts when you step into their shoes.[/pullquote]
  3. You must understand that your understanding is quite immature right now (except for few cases). You have a lot lot more to learn.
  4. Never mock people older than you. You will realise their efforts when you step into their shoes.
  5. Most important entity you possess is time and not money.
  6. Except true love (rare though) everything including money,sex,22 girl friends at a time,booze,late night all night parties,one night stand,three some,group sex,gambling,latest iPhone , on-site job in Miami,trip to Mars,US president ship,date with Deepika padukone,5BHK sea facing penthouse at Juhu,Audi Q3,$ 10 million in cash and many other material things which you can imagine even in your dreams, is overrated. Don’t believe me. Ask those sitting at the very top,lonely and bored,surrounded by gold diggers and fake strategic alliances aka fake friends.
  7. No one ever died poor following their love inspired by ‘their love ‘.
  8. Make love your inspiration and not a girl. You can be madly in love with your work also.

Your only passion (Love) can be a girl also but be careful with your choice.