I did almost all things which any naughty teenager can do.

  • Had little cute relationships.
  • Climb mountains and had bath in hill side waterfalls.
  • Played basketball in full rain, played marbles and many other Desi sports which you might have never heard.
  • Enjoyed fresh mangoes, Jamuns, Berries and many seasonal fruits straight from tree trunk to mouth.
  • We used to create our own hut in near by jungles and used to live in it in the evening.Even in school play ground we had our own huts.
  • Street fights
  • Shopping in cultural fest and not malls!
  • Playing with dozens of cousins in our summer holidays in Nana’s (Maternal grand father) house.
  • I have tasted real food. The ghee was so pure that you know from outside that Dal is being prepared. The aroma was mesmerizing. The vegetables had real taste. milk was so tasty that we used to drink two glasses full in a row.
  • We had real relatives. they were really concerned about us. We had real social gatherings every evening in our colony. We knew almost every one in our area by their first name.
  • In my era love was real. We used to love only once (one at a time). Even if their was a break up, it used to take years before we entered in to a new relationship.

In total things were real and taste was mouth watering.Kiss meant approval of love for whole life!. People used to die for their love.

Believe me if you can!

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