When you stop judging but start understanding

  • When you start to find out the reason behind the shouting of your partner instead of reacting.
  • When you start forgiving instead of revenge
  • When love of your life turns ‘understanding’ from sexy and hot.
  • When your future purchase plans change from ‘me’ to ‘we’.
  • When your happiness is more in smiles of someone else rather than your own bliss.
  • When taking become sex and sex become a talk.
  • When your girlfriend says ‘ please leave me alone ‘ and you say ‘ come on give me a hug ‘.
  • When ‘hugs’ replace ‘kisses’ .
  • When ‘love’ replace ‘lust’.
  • When ‘chemistry’ out pars ‘biology’ in any relationship.
  • When your eyes become more sexy than your curves.
  • When you are more interested in baring someone’s soul than her body.
  • When in between of reading this answer your mind starts to think about someone special.

Finally when you smile after this revelation.